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We did it! With election day past, I am looking forward to three years of service on the CISD board. Thanks for your support!
Handling our finances well starts at home. Whether running a business or balancing our personal budgets, we can’t outspend our income or we’ll face disaster. As stewards of our collective tax dollars, the CISD board of trustees has a similar but more visible responsibility.

Proven Budgeting Skills
As a manager of a multi-million-dollar budget in my professional life, I am keenly aware of the effects even small changes can have on morale, quality of work, and client satisfaction. The same is true in our schools. It’s easy to say “cut the budget.” It’s harder to do so appropriately and within reason, and in a way that doesn’t negatively impact students, staff, parents, and taxpayers. I have that skill.

As a second-year member of the district’s Budget and Finance Committee, I’m well-versed in the complex world of public school finance in Texas. The current funding system’s recent legal challenge is only the beginning. We must prepare today for what is most definitely an uncertain tomorrow. This is a multi-year problem, which will only accelerate in a few years when the current TIF Zone agreement expires.

New Ideas
I will ensure that our approach to budgeting is refreshed, relying on years of experience in building, managing, and reforecasting budgets. At the same time, we must address every reasonable opportunity to enhance revenue. This can be done in a way that doesn’t compromise what we love about Carroll.

I cannot envision circumstances under which I would be supportive of sending any more tax dollars to Austin. In fact, the current board has done a stellar job of reducing our taxes over the last six years, to the tune of $325 annually for the average homeowner. That trend should continue!

A huge percentage of Southlake residents moved here because of CISD. Even if you don't have kids attending school here, your property values are only as strong as the health of our schools. We must take great care of them in order to remain the community we are today.

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Carrie Canter, Treasurer
  • Implement reasonable & appropriate efficiencies
  • Long-term view to all budgeting decisions
  • Identify creative revenue enhancements