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We did it! With election day past, I am looking forward to three years of service on the CISD board. Thanks for your support!
While the relationship between the school board and the city is very productive, it could be better. Recent decisions and interactions have highlighted some areas in which both groups could be more collaborative.

It’s easy to point fingers and say “we don’t need permission” or "that's not my problem." But that’s not how partnerships work. I know this from building professional relationships across departmental and brand boundaries, with clients, colleagues, and vendors. I have already begun getting to know members of Southlake leadership so that I can hit the ground running immediately.

​Those elected and appointed officials on both sides say the same things: We work well together now, but we can be more collaborative. I have already received the commitment of members on both sides to do more to foster a culture of partnership.

To paraphrase Jim Collins: We have a good relationship now. We need to make it great.
Matt Kormann for CISD Board of Trustees Place 6
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Carrie Canter, Treasurer
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