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We did it! With election day past, I am looking forward to three years of service on the CISD board. Thanks for your support!
I'm a proud Dragon dad
Heidi and I have lived in Southlake since 2005. Our daughter is a fourth grader at Old Union, where she's a member of Student Council. Please visit my Facebook page to hear more about what I'm doing right now.

Community involvement
I was fortunate to coach seven seasons of youth soccer. I learned just as much from that experience as I have from all my professional development efforts. We had fun first, and tried to foster a team atmosphere where the girls truly wanted to play every week. And win or lose, we always had smiles after the game.

My daughter and I are active in our Indian Princess tribe. The fellowship we have as dads, and the friendships we foster with our daughters, helps build a priceless bond that we'll carry for the rest of our lives.

Through our involvement in our local 4-H club, we're engaged in the world outside of CISD. I've been lucky to watch my daughter learn, grow, compete, and foster a greater sense of community through active participation in the Texas Wranglers club.

The world is a big place, and I've found a personal calling to serve in some small way through White's Chapel UMC, recently returning from a mission trip to Ghana. Helping local construction crews build simple worship structures while other members of our group partnered with local medical staff to offer basic care has changed my life. It's a mission I know I'll be attending to for years to come, hopefully returning in 2014 to visit our family-sponsored clean-water well.

District leadership
As a second-year member of the budget and finance committee, I'm acutely aware of the financial challenges we face. I don't need to get up to speed in that area. I've seen it firsthand, and am committed to remaining a steward of our collective tax dollars.

While I'm an involved Old Union dad, I recognize that I need to learn a lot in order to earn your trust. I've already
  • met with the majority of the current board
  • have met with every principal and several key central administration team members
  • talked with current, prospective, and past city council members
  • met with Southlake Police Chief Steve Mylett
  • spoken with key local business leaders, homeowners, parents, and taxpayers

Collaboration is a focal point of my candidacy and, if I'm successful in this campaign, it will be a hallmark of my tenure as a trustee.

Protecting the tradition
We have some of the best schools, administrators, teachers, students, and parents in the country. We enjoy a long tradition of excellence. I intend to do all I can to ensure that tradition continues.

It starts with our kids. Taking great care of them and ensuring their success through high school and into adulthood is our first priority. Doing so while being fiscally responsible, truly spending within our means, and providing an education that reflects the values of our great city is imperative.

This is not a short-term game. It's a long-term commitment. We're in great shape today, but what we're facing in the future requires strong leadership, tough decisions, and collaboration.

Thanks for reading. Please check out the rest of my site at the links above.
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Carrie Canter, Treasurer